Reviews for "My Friend Pedro"

This game is kick-ass.

The music is kick-ass, the gameplay is kick-ass, the slow-mo stunt effects are kick-fuckin'-ass, the ending is hilariously random and awesome.

The only thing I would recommend is a harder difficulty mode with reduced health, and a god difficulty mode where you have the same amount of health as the bad guys.

super good i only wish that there was more dialogue and crazy shit happening maybe if you were to re-texture this game with rainbows and other stuff the banana would make more sense

damn good game.
it plays like a dream, i love how it functions, and i regret one ignoring this game when it was recommended to me.
you well deserved the daily 3rd prize for this game. good job, good work, good show.

Wow! That was an awesome game! I especially love the part where he eats pedro without taking off the banana peel.

matrix slow motion with dual pistols 8I