Reviews for "My Friend Pedro"

not bad but the game is real slow.

This game was a positive surprise for me.

The weapons and slow motion moves really reminded me of Max Payne.
Which is a good thing, since that game was so awesome.
There was even a reference to the trippy acid-like moments in that game.

Good job. Your game is very well executed all in all.
Such a shame that it was so short.
I can only give 4 stars,
because you could have made the game much longer,
or added a higher difficuly playthrough at least.

Big thumbs up though!
I think I will try beating the game using only the knife.

Awesome! I was just waiting for a shooter like this to enjoy. I would've liked a bit more of a background - although the silliest boss I've ever seen kinda makes up for this - and also for a way to pound my weapon in the gangsters' faces so that when I stand too close them I don't shoot beyond them and miss... The off-wall jumps are great, and less unreal than in usual platform games. One alst complaint: too short, I want more!

That ending though. It was really fun and I liked it.

Totally fun!

I jumped up and out of the level on something like stage 4 or 5? Brick chimney that you can wall jump back and forth all the way up. =P