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Reviews for "My Friend Pedro"

Man this game is that great that i could play it over and over again and it never gets boring :D

This is a great concept and they did the slow-motion button better than anyone I've ever seen. This makes me want guns in Overgrowth. I've spent at least 30-40 minutes on this game and I'm not going to spend 10 more. Good job and I can't wait for the squeal. My only issue with this game is the constant stopping from the Banana, you could slow down time like when you go into slo-mo and maybe put walls down (translucent blue sparkly walls and not invisible walls because they just get annoying while the sparkly one would keep with the idea of an imaginary floating banana) to stop player progress.

3 things are wrong with this: WTF boss, a BANANA, and a short game. Though, i still loved it and EPIC CONCEPT.

The talking banana was the only thing wrong with this. Totally stopping the player's forward movement shouldn't be something that happens in platformers, even if its a tutorial.

Awesome game. The guy looks like Kanye West. Great anyway, though xD