Reviews for "My Friend Pedro"

Pedro its my real name :/

Drugs are bad.

Thou sir, have created a gaming master pice that could be easly expanded into a well developed franchise. The music is great, the final boss music was my favourite of them all. Pedro could be a more well developed character. Please, expand these series so we can get a best seller game.

There is nothing quite as fun as dodging bullets and shanking people.

I think I beat this game at least 20 times. Short and yet, so addictive. You, my friend, have made something exceptional. This game is perfect. I turn on some fitting music while shooting and jumping down through the glass roof and that makes me feel like a bad-ass. I always try to finish the first level without taking any damage.

DeadToast responds:

:D Great to hear! Keep posted......... there might be something coming out soonish that you'd find interesting........ ;)