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Reviews for "My Friend Pedro"

This. Game. Is. Amazing. When I first saw this game, it reminded me of those dark and gritty/violent games that came out in 2006-2008 and I was intrigued by it. I was expecting some cheap game made to entice 13 year olds, but wow. I was blown away. The first thing you see is a floating, talking banana that no one else can see (mostly because all the interactions with said banana, who's name is pedro, are in dark alleys with no one else in it. Invisible underpants, ya' right.) but obviously this game isn't about story, more about the stylised, Matrix like action. This game really gets my heart pumping with the high octane music, the sweet, badass slow motion kills, and the ghetto environment. It looks cheap-ish, the story is somewhat flat....BUT THE SLOWMO IS SUPER HYPE!!! This is THE Matrix game! But sadly...the ending is awkward and more or less a let down, I wish It was longer and had more interactions with the infamous Pedro. But overall... PLAY THIS GAME. The gun play is fun, especially in slowmo (or Bullet time) But for more of a challenge...Play with only the knife (expect in the boss battle obviously) and you'll leave satisfied, because you feel like the biggest bad ass going in slowmo, rolling around their feet, dodging all their bullets and back stabbing them. Super sick.

I think that this game is cool and all but the ending is a bit werid but still good

This game stars of with you talking to a banana and the ending with fighting the developer of this game, I really don't know what more you could want

Best game since burrito bison

LOL i like this game i wish if you people extend it .......