Reviews for "Peepers"

This is a really good cartoon. I really had no idea where it was going. Granted, that was mostly because of this new thing we're doing, but it's still quite impressive. I knew he was just going to use that guy's head. It seems like the easiest option. I just love how this is laid out.

I can see why this is the highest rated of the NATA round. Granted, there are relatively few to compare, but that's not the point. The colors look great in this. I don't think this guy is even that mean. It's a good length too.

Pretty nice animation. That little creature is pretty cute.

Good stuff!

okay, that was really overall great, but i just gotta bring out that -apart from the story- i especially loved characterdesign and the use of music in this one.

For a moment there I thought he was going to try using something else for payment. :P Entertaining, creative story of a crazy critter whome I think the name for isn't the most obvious fit. I kept imagining him as a 'creeper', creeping around, you know... not really peeping as much as actually literally taking over. Anyway, nice work!