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Reviews for "Bunker Down 2030"

Lovely game manning them can be tough at times. Here is me review
*Tough choices
*Okay lore
*Mouse game(I prefer them over full keyboard, flash?, games)
*Easy controls
*Bad Graphics(expected from games like these i am not expecting to see Farcry 3 or Assassin's Creed graphics here but still)
*Choices are a little to simple (non violent?) for something like this an apocalypse sort event people would probably go (Excuse my cursing) "Ape Shit". If i saw a band of raiders i would blow them away,if a woman with a child( Kinda harsh but i am not getting robbed by a single mom that could belong to a raid party) pulled a gun on me i would either blast her and take the baby or show her what firepower is and send her on her way. That said if she asked for food i would probably suggest that she stay with us until this all "Blows over"
*Simple game play. If raiders can knock on our bunker door and say they would break are solar panels why cant we scavenge? and this falls into the Choices being to simple category raiders would probably take every thing and murder us not break our expensive items.
*No Badges not something you have to implement but i love earning badges when playing games like this
*Lore Yeah i know i put lore in pros and cons but hey i am just sharing me opinion, that said,
In the year 2030, rolling blackouts, telecommunication disruptions, and rumors of targeted viruses being released cause a rush on supermarkets and gun sales to skyrocket.
Preppers go underground….it’s time to….BUNKER DOWN!
Manage your resources, survive paranoia, breakdowns, and food shortages, and make prudent choices to survive in the BUNKER.
Okay so here is what i think.
*The year its not exactly something i can relate to but with how the worlds economy is rolling it could happen this way.
*The disasters
Rolling blackouts what caused this? power shortage? aliens? earths rotation? man? bouncy balls? what caused these blackouts and how wide spread is this? how far does the blackouts go?. Telecommunication disruptions again what caused this to happen? etc.
Rumors of targeted viruses, Who tells these rumors the neighbors? How is it possible to hear these rumors there is no telephone to use. Who is using this chemical warfare?
*Super market prices Why is no one rioting? People have rioted for less... Shoes, Food, electronics, if there are all these disasters why is no one drop kicking each other just to get food and weapons?
*Where is this taking place? small town, big city, open fields, big country? Is there civilization anywhere whats the name of the town, city, country just make some stuff up

That was my review and in fact that was my first real review thank you for popping my cherry and i hope you answer back to some of these. Oh and sorry if the words are to scrunched together as i said it was my first review.

KoberGirl responds:

Wow! Thanks for the very thoughtful feedback. I made Bunker Down for a game jam so I didn't have time to get deep into the lore, but moving forward I hope to learn more and add more complex gameplay, like being able to recruit new survivors and make more moral choices, add a bit more randomness to the events and possibly have the ability to upgrade the bunker. I think this was a solid effort and will give me a base to build off of. Thanks again for your review. I will keep your advice in mind for my next game making endeavor!

...I'm mixed on this.

On one hand, the simplistic controls and presentation work quite well for the game, and there are very realistic scenarios presented during the course of the story.

On the other hand...well, let's say I was expecting my survivors to be adults. Practically every reaction seems derived from a 1st-grader's fit after someone told them to get out of the candy.

This game has immense potential, and I really don't like knocking it down because of this one thing, but it's still this one thing that soured the entire experience; I can promise you that the masked raiders wouldn't live beyond their demands, had this been my actual group of survivors.

Maybe my expectations of humans are just too high.

KoberGirl responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I really was going for a humorous take on the prepper mentality so yeah...the survivors don't act very realistically to some of the situations. I learned alot making this and hope to build on what I have to include many of the suggestions people have made. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts.

this game is great and many people will enjoy it i recommend this to any gamer

KoberGirl responds:

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed playing!

second part PLEASE!

KoberGirl responds:

Cool! I do want to take this concept further and build on what I have. Bunker Down may live on.... I want to try some more complex gameplay mechanics like being able to recruit survivors, upgrade the bunker, etc.

W007! Won on my first try!