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Reviews for "Perdition"

It really unfair to compare this two games to Gyossait. Gyossait is about a God (Oyeatia) who become a mortal searching for his wife Gyossait. Perdition is about a android that gain free will and has to decide to obey or disobey her masters. Gyossait is set in the present and Perdition is set in the future where humanity is gone and two super machines are trying to gain total power. While the gameplay mechanics are the same the setting and the story are different. Compare this two game is like compare halo to call of duty.

This game was unbelievably amazing! I enjoyed every second of it. The atmosphere is to die for.

Best game I played on NG. Amazing story, interesting artstyle, beautiful music. Masterpiece. 10/10

What a beautiful world.

Legitimately one of the best games I've ever played on here in terms of atmosphere, story, art, sound, and music.

Still freezes occasionally; however rarely.