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Reviews for "Perdition"

It is too early for me to rate this game yet for I have just started. I only have one problem with this game, the controls. The jump button is either delayed or doesn't even work at all. And often when I stop the left/right buttons the character will keep running, falling off cliffs and into traps. If you can fix this I can give. I sure the plot is worth playing but it would be better if I could move properly, that is all.

Carrill responds:

You're likely just experiencing lag. Close out all other tabs and reload the game and it should be fixed.

The "seduced...fooled" ending is stupid. I sided with the red text guy, so I won, right? But I have no idea what actually happened or the significance of anything. Why didn't I get to kill the white text one? I wanted that one to gtfo. I get that the ending was supposed to be implied, but you were way too vague. I have no idea what the hell is going on in the game world and thus you have no story.

It is a significant failure on your part if your game does not communicate what happens.... although I liked the art and the general idea of it, I'm left feeling like I wasted my time because you don't give the story a satisfactory conclusion.

Carrill responds:

You didn't win by any means. You actually got one of the bad endings.

Tanas, just like his counterpart, is trying to enslave you the entire time--despite his attempts to try to appear as your friend. In that particular ending, the protagonist finds herself physically under his control, to the point at which she is bound up by wires and drained of all the energy inside of her. For eternity, she's being fed off of to power Tanas... so that he'll eventually reach Gomadi's level of power.

this game is fucking ridiculous not because of game play but the controls i mean havent u ever fucking heard w,a,s,d , u cant duck? thats some bullshit and how abouy a double jump im mean seriously, die often due to crapy controls is not very thought provoking.

The game wont load for me! Please fix. >:(