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Reviews for "Perdition"

I completely enjoyed this game the art style was just a great combo of both dark and light with characters who both confuse, and amaze me. I feel very bad for the cyborg I played as for I feel like everything in her world is twisted and gnarled by two beings who just want absolute control. I did have one complication mainly the gun its timing was the result of many of my deaths XD, but I've never been so good at platformers anyways.

Game is rly mad and cool, but i stucked in textures in a level where i recieve a sword :( that is why i took away 1/2 of star, sry ;)
The things i like most are the right of choice and dat perfect atmosphere.

I admittedly didn't want to play this at first. It looked like a game I wouldn't be interested in. Man, was I wrong. This is a great game. Only complaint is that 'Jump' can be a bit iffy at times. Also, there needs to be more save areas in difficult locations. Not fair to make so much progress; die, and then start all over. Several times. Not fun at all. Otherwise, it's great.

Quite good, although I have to wonder if I had to avoid killing anyone or just non threats to obtain the true end.
The graphics definitely could be better, not that the graphics are bad, but there is a lot of room for improvement.
It would be nice to be able to change the controls.
The story is interesting, but confusing at first. It takes a while to realize Gomadi is a complete dick who won't really reward you in the long run if you obey all his commands, just use you and then enslave you once you have served your purpose. Tanas is no saint either, but you can befriend him. Doing what ether of them want is a bad idea, which is what made the story confusing at first: there was no "good" side to be had, no positive guidance, as I got deeper into the game it became clear that both entities that were trying to control my actions are evil, and that obeying either would make my life easier, but in the end would result in my own destruction. In any case the story gets full points for creativity cuz it made me think, most games are too straightforward.

Gameplay: Fairly good, it thoroughly got the point across that Gomadi is a sadistic fuck that needs to die "Oh, you want help? Suicide first! BTW the platforms move when they shouldn't so I can watch you die even more when your timing isn't perfect! Oh, and before I forget; kill some of your brethren for me so I can judge you as guilty later in the game. The enemies are also totally under my control and will use you for target practice if you don't suicide in order t get a halo." He's probably the one who put all of those spikes everywhere as well, just so he could watch me die on them.

great platform game with an amazing history