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Reviews for "Perdition"


Carrill responds:

It would be more helpful for me if you told me the details of this crash.

not bad... interesting game-play and atmosphere... would definitely look forward to a sequel...

really nice game and concept a pitty as i wanted to knife my way through everything killing all androids in freezes in the room after i skipped the gun.

Very interesting game, made me play through a number of times, and gave me the idea of playing Gyossait again, even though I completely forgot the name for quite some time (until I saw other reviews here). My favorite part was that killing anything was completely optional. There are so many games out there where killing is far more than required, so having it as an option makes this stand out. My least favorite part though, is that there's only one way to get three of the endings (not fighting in the tower and using the halo after going down), which was rather annoying for quite a while, even more so since I never wanted to "meld" with Tanas.

Speaking of Tanas, it's interesting that there's a medal for "staying back" when he tells you to. Is it worth it to spare him? Well, he may have given/restored free will to some androids, including "Eve", who he offered gifts to (but I'll admit, "Eve" seems uncreative, especially if she wasn't the first female android, which is never mentioned), but Tanas also encouraged Eve to go on a murderous rampage and sucked energy out of whoever he lured to himself to basically try to replace Gomadi. Gomadi was pretty nasty himself (no idea why, aside from punishing androids for their past crimes), so if Tanas wouldn't be any better, even if the surviving androids did have power over him, I wouldn't let him mess around in the future I'd try to create after removing Gomadi from power. And perhaps his dying wish is a hope that Gomadi will kill Eve as a final revenge in disguise?

Now that I've talked about the a bit story, I'll talk about everything else.

The gameplay isn't all that much. There's rarely all that much challenge aside from the left (Gomadi way) path with this one nasty jump that's pretty hard to get past, and there's not much to combat other than the gun becoming a laser at "full health." The sword isn't that easy either, as its short range and to being able to slice in mid air made it hard to use at first. I also wish you could crouch/duck by pressing down to make it easier not to get shot, but that would take away from some of the challenge of the game.

The music is maybe above average, mostly because it fits the scenery and feel of the game, but not really for any other reason.

The feel of the game is quite clear: its a dark place with a number of creepy things, and you have the choice of making it darker or shedding a hint of light on the place. This is where the game excels, and where the majority of the stars are coming from.

I'll mention one last thing. I actually did NOT notice a spider executioner bug before the 6/21/2014 patch, but after this recent play through, I saw a spider attack me when it was facing the edge of a ledge (I think it barely missed me), then it just kept flashing and going backward... Not sure about deeper details, but it seems rare, so I wouldn't call it a major problem.


If you want to get all the medals, you should know that "sinner" and "murderer" were the toughest for me to get.

To get Sinner, take the upper path when Gomadi tells you to, but DO NOT get shot when you go up there. When you defy him on that upper path, take the lower path, and that will count as 2 disobeyed commands. There's also going to the acid pool, but going back instead of jumping in, but I'm not sure if you need to do that (I'd assume you do, just to be sure). Other than all of that, just go the Tanas path, and you should get the medal.

As for Murderer, you can shoot the other purple haired androids (did you notice some are possibly male? some looked taller and with flatter chests) when you run into them. Shooting every android, both bald and not bald, should add up to 25 murders if you cut/shoot every thing in you can find until you get it.

And as I said, you need to NOT FIGHT IN THE TOWER so you can use the halo to defeat Tanas if you want to get the other 3 endings, with one being leaving, one being staying, and the last being obvious after getting either one of the endings involving staying at the tower (involves NPC androids).

Carrill responds:

Actually, you can get past the Tanas confrontation by mashing the buttons when he takes you under his control. The only catch is that you can't be equipped to his gun.

Good but its kind of glitched. The medals aren't working.

Hope for the future
1. To get this ending you must not kill any android. That even goes for your bretherens which is disobeying.
2. Kill Gomadi.