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Reviews for "Perdition"

okay is freaky and great but in the first mission i stepped back and i fell to the bottom of the stage i think you should go take a look

cool game love it :)

At first, I thought it was suspciously similar to Gyossait... then as I played, I finally realized it revolved around a very different theme and created a very different and ultimately, less cynical (though no less dark) world.

What amazed me is the attention to detail regarding the endings. In particular, it is possible to find a third path regarding dealing with Tanas ; if you never killed and never equipped the halo, you can mash the movement arrow to break free when he try to mind-control your character into joining up with him. This will allow you to seal him away without having to rely on Gomadi's power.

Of course, given the way Tanas speaks in the resulting cutscene, it's very probable this can only be done if you don't kill anything (AKA coming to him pure) and never equipped the halo (thus keeping your character's willpower intact). It's likely that if you used any of the gifts, you won't be able to break free no matter how much you button mash.

I found that both deities were ultimately extremely flawed yet, not as completely dark as they seemed. Both were unworthy of being listened to and did horrible things yet weren't exactly as clear cut evil as one might expect ; Gomadi was trying to salvage a world savaged by sapients who proved unable to keep from destroying themselves and the world and in trying to do so, inadventely become just as much of a monster as those he seeked to purify. Meanwhile, Tanas wished to preserve the spark of freedom in all sapients even to the point of self-sacrifice but was unable to keep his ego from overwhelming his empathy, turning him into the monster Gomadi accused him of being.

I felt that both being flawed also helped make the dilemna meaningful ; if both had been pure evil or if one had been pure good, it would have spoiled it. Neither were pure monsters, they were ultimately just what everyone in the reviews call them: douchebags.

Regarding the gameplay, I found that it gets much easier to control if you keep in mind the momentum of your character. Compared to Gyossait, a game to which it is often compared, it must be noted that the jump mechanics are actually significantly better though they both share the 'hit ceiling, plummet like a stone' point. Regarding foes, dealing with them become a lot easier once you realize they don't truly "exist" unless they're on-screen ; foes stop in the last position or action they were when scrolled off-screen, even pausing mid-telegraphing for attacks. Likewise, making sure to observe foes and note when they flash is vital to avoid them.

Spiders can be quite problematic, surprisingly more than the executioners but you can easily jump over them by jumping in the opposite direction of their movement ; their very swift movements will carry them under the player character even if in halls with low ceilings.

Likewise, dealing with executioners is easier once you realize that they will never harm you physically, only through their gun, and that they never turn around ; you can easily run or jump through them and stand behind them to avoid their gunfire.

Unlike in Gyossait or most of Amon26's games, Tanas and Gomadi are not capable of defending themselves so the game doesn't really have bosses ; Tamas may attempt mind-control if you lack the halo but otherwise, you don't really fight either of them. Gomadi zapping you if you walk up to him "tainted" does not count.

Graphically and musically, the game is top-notch. It does have a style similar to Gyossait but the metallic, futuristic style of the game (wherever Amon26 has much more organic-styled environments and monsters) and the fact that it doesn't bombard you with surreal, nightmarish imagery like Amon26's games ultimately set it apart. Musically, it has more 'real' music than Amon26's games, which is both a good and bad thing varying on the point of view and the scene in particular.

I felt the game was excellent, ultimately.

Fantastic game! A bit hard on my computer for some reason, but I love it.

Okay, I played as thoroughly as I could before writing this. Only medal I didn't get is “Sinner” and that one is damn frustrating, I'll figure it out someday.

Anyway, this game strongly reminded me of Gyossait and I've been surprised to find so few reviewers noticing it. Some blame you of plagiarism; I won't. It's true that both Amon26's game and yours share many similarities, but you brought other elements and you did it well. Worth noticing some said that these other elements come from another game -- Loved -- but I didn't play it so I couldn't tell.

About the story. At first I believed that the same god was talking to me with red and white text.
Then I realized it was two distinct entities.
Then I realized, with more thinking, that it could as well be both aspects of a single god. Both are sadistic and deceptive, but with some nuance. Tanas is seductive and speaks gently, but later encourages you to the most brutal violence. Gomadi is actually worse in my opinion, because it prompts you to commit suicide in addition to slaughter. Also, both have their part of “goodness” -- Tanas gave free will to androids, whereas Gomadi's original goal is to condemn violence.

To further supporting my theory of a single god, is the similarity in their appearance, with tan skin and that sort of spiked crown, and Tanas mentioning they were originally one.

There are obvious references to the Bible -- the knowledge fruit from Eden, Cain's fratricide, and obviously Eve. Just about the tower, I'm not sure what it stands for.

Sorry, talking too much. Anyway, a rather solid game we have here. I loved the eerie atmosphere and that different-choices-lead-to-different-ending mechanism. And I don't mind if you copied Gyossait and Loved. My complaints are about some little glitches (the spider-thing sometimes go moonwalking for some reason) and the fog effect that makes too much for my poor old computer and slows down the game which is not fast-paced in the first place.

I'll look forward for your next game ;)