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Reviews for "Perdition"

It's like.... A game iv'e played before....... o3o

Amazing game ! Really cool ambiance and graphics.. Only problem is, can somebody help me with these damn medals ?!
I'm pretty fucking sure I killed 25 executioners, didn't get the medal, and disobeyed the 10 commands, didn't either. Did I miss something ? Are they part of one of the secret medals ?

(btw if could help me with those I don't understand 'Monster' , 'Hope' for the Future' and 'A friend of enemis'... I know what Pacifist is, and I have the other two.)

This game is great. It is really interesting and fun. The plot is great. It reminds me of Silent Hill because of the creepy and rusty music, and the usage of vibrating, rotten metal. It also has a lot of endings, which I love. The ambience is a masterpiece: the red cables hanging out there, the metal, everything merged together to make this hell of a good game.

When I first played it I had problems with scenes, sometimes the game would freeze and I would have to load the game, which leaved me far behind. Luckily you fixed it. The laser is still a little glitchy, and the games has other glitches here and there.

The only thing I didn't figured out is how to obtain the "Monster" achievement, is it an ending? I tried slaying both gods but I still got the "Hope for the future" ending.

Congratulations dude, keep up with the good job! And congratulations to the guy who made the music too, it's great!

Carrill responds:

To get the medal for Monster, try facing Gomadi in the end having killed some androids.

reminds me of Blackthorne for some reason

I really enjoyed playing this game and the multiple endings. It was very thought provoking. The only problem I had was the difficulty in certain parts that we would have to replay to get multiple endings, but ultimately I enjoyed the storytelling and the art style. Great job!