Reviews for "Perdition"

It really unfair to compare this two games to Gyossait. Gyossait is about a God (Oyeatia) who become a mortal searching for his wife Gyossait. Perdition is about a android that gain free will and has to decide to obey or disobey her masters. Gyossait is set in the present and Perdition is set in the future where humanity is gone and two super machines are trying to gain total power. While the gameplay mechanics are the same the setting and the story are different. Compare this two game is like compare halo to call of duty.

Do I have to restart the game to get a different ending?

Carrill responds:

You don't necessarily have to refresh the page. Once your first ending takes you back to the title screen, simply select AWAKEN to begin a new game. Selecting REMEMBER will reload your last save with all the choices you made up until that point.

i need help with hope to the future and a friend of enemies
a cool game

Carrill responds:

Try to get through the game without killing any androids. And if you find yourself taken control of right before the Seduced... Fooled ending happens, make sure you mash the controls as much as you can.

For Friend of Enemies, simply approach Tanas and wait after reaching him.

Wow it took me almost a year to figure this out
I now have all the medals. You need to be very forward thinking and resilient against your "programming"
i realized it now
YOU are the androids
YOU, the gamers are
the androids are a metaphor on how you either play following every rule blindly that the game gives you without thinking for yourself, or cling to your usual ways of playing the game (usually seduced into indulging in violence to reach your goals)
without even considering that the only way to truly win is by not fighting at all
true peace, true pacifism, true hope for the future...
and it leaves that ending gap open for imagination, what will happen after this?
will Eve teach and liberate the other Androids as she has been liberated?
will she find a way to rebuild the world to it's prime?
will conflict arise again and Gomadi with it?
will they even bring humanity back somehow? or at least watch over the planet and it's wildlife?
this game is entirely underrated, it deserves so much more credit than it has already
my favorite game on newgrounds hands down
no contest, congratulations Carrol
10 out of 5
truly a gem among rusted metal

This game should be on Xbox. It's amazing!!!!!!