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Reviews for "Perdition"

a VERY, very good game. When a game is deep enough to make me want to experience all it has to offer, while being simple enough to get that experience without loads of work, it's a good game.

Some bugs though...
Firstly, the first time I ran into 'tanas' (nice anagrams by the way- I got both of them), I ran right into him and killed him, yet it still gave me the 'spared tanas' achievement >.>
Secondly, One time I reloaded, and when I did, the underground area where we meet tanas in person glitched and instead of halos, there were guns everywhere, preventing me from avoiding his influence.
Lastly, in the tower at the end, in the area directly to the right of the respawn point (the point that has a gun on either side) I ran into a recurring glitch; I'd grab a gun, jump off to the right, then move a bit to the right. I'd get a command from gamodi (again, nice anagram) to not fight- above me, running to and fro, there would be a spider executioner. I'd jump up onto the platform, and try to shoot it... but then my character would just sit there and do nothing. I'd hit the fire key several times afterwards, but again, nothing- then mr spider would come over and cut my head off. I think this glitch is related to gamodi getting ticked at the player, because while I never got the angry gamodi message, it still counted as a disobey- because I still got the 'sinner' achievement at the end.

Anyways, these small glitches aside, the game was really great. Kudos on an engaging experience! :)


This might be the best flash game of its genre that I've played. The multiple endings all made sense and were good, the dialogue (well, monologues) is excellent, and the story is almost seamless despite how many different paths you can take. Bravo, my friend. I had to go on and get all the medals just to fully enjoy this game.

I unlocked "sinner" and "murderer", but the medals didn't seem to save and show up.
That's a shame.

As to the game, it's pretty cool, and the music really helps the atmosphere.

Though I played through all the endings though, the one I like best and treat as headcanon is the tanas ending, with the slight modification that instead of hanging there remembering him and presumably feeding him energy, I headcanon in eternal android tentacle-sex.

Great game, but i cannot found the "Hope for future" ending. Anybody can spare me a clue ?