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Reviews for "Bazooki-pocalypse!"

Fun game, abit of a challenge but I got A+ in all levels. However I am unable to earn the "Kill a bat" medal despite the fact I have indeed killed several bats (and the sticker ingame marks it as having been done)

Chaz responds:

I gave it the wrong name in the API so it stopped working :(

Changed back now, should work.

Fun game, especially throwing grenades. I can’t seem to “kill a bat.” I tried repeatedly in the final two Cemetery Junction levels.


This game is fun and entertaining. It's just long enough to present a challenge but didn't give me a chance to get bored. Love the B-Movie style. I wish I made it!

Chaz responds:

Thanks Gaz!

Hilarious and challenging!
I had a lot of fun playing this game and earning all of the medals, good stuff.
I'll be looking forward to see what you come out with down the road.
Keep up the great work!

Chaz responds:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

Short and sweet! I liked the silly "Did You Know" notes, and also that unlike quite a few other games of this type, my character can get killed if not careful, which provides for a bit more sense and challenge.

Not a five-start, though, since some levels got frustrating when I had to aim super-accurately or get lucky with the shotgun spread, and also - had to drag the mouse out of the game screen rather often, which means I have to re-aim the next shot completely. Also, would be nice to have a way to cancel a shot (e.g. press Esc while holding the mouse button), e.g. if I see that I can't hit what I want.