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Reviews for "Bazooki-pocalypse!"

Oh look, another zombie game!

This was fun

That was a Great Game You made Chaz!!!
Thumbs up for Bazooki-pocalypse!

This game was good but overall way too easy (and too short).

Here is my list for improvements:

- Would have been much harder without the lines or just some shorter ones.
- The variations of zombies could also have been better since there are only two types. Some walking deads would be an option out of 100.
- Also like others mentioned the A+ goal should be added as some tooltip information or a quick note at the beginning of the level.
- Add more levels with more settings and more objects to interact with
- Weapon range could also vary

All in all this game has got much potential but isn't by far something I would call the very best. It's like many other games of this shooter genre which lacks the unique touch to make it more special than any other. Would love to see a sequel with some more love in it :)

A marvellous game. This game resembles stpdzmbz but has a touch of humor.
However, abit too easy. Could you add more levels and weapons in the next update?