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Reviews for "LOTOE Trailer"

serious or a parody, either way you will get many viewers and fans. Again top level animation, your facial expressions need work but it hink it is really hard for facials to be recognized when making 3d animations anyway. i know this was probably a demo but the character art needed work but again it was most likely on purpose.

i think you should do s serious series & im not just saying that as a star wars fan it wopuld be nice to see someone make a none parody star wars series for a change instead of the usual short jokes or serious one movie shorts

Kel-chan responds:

I am working on a serious series- Instead of doing a star wars story- I created an original series with someone else that will be sci fi

you should go for it and do as u feel either comedy or serious no matter what u have 1 fan in me and also maybe down the road u could make them move less blocky like and more fluidly.

not bad its ok but i know this map and that ship! o_o so uh good job??????...... ok is not that good..... T_T

What are all the voice actors for? I hear no one speaking! ;)
Looks promising, but you know what bunch of work you got to do if you want to make a real film (let's say ten minutes or so...)
nut really my cup of tea though...