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Reviews for "Beast's Fury Chibi"

lol what? hahaha this is unexpectedly fun

Evil-Dog responds:

I know right :D

very good game but if you like this game battle masters is very simlyuler
i did not make it put its fun
and sorry for my

Evil-Dog responds:

oh yeah i checked it out, very interesting, we have plans to expand the game but in a different direction actualy but thanks for the reference.

They quit after I beat their shark while only taking one hit myself ahhaha.

Cute little game thing. Good luck on the actual fighter!

Evil-Dog responds:

THanks man! :D

haha really neat. was surprised by the online component.

Looking forward to the final game, and good luck with the KickStarter. Awesome to see some Benny hype and egorapter ;)

just before i finish typing, holy shit this music is the definition of hype.

Evil-Dog responds:

bwahaha glad you liked it :D

Multiplayer Rock Paper Scissors with animal people and health bars, its got my vote. :P
I'm facing some minor complications with the KickStarter process, but I hope I can send a donation your guys way soon. :)

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks for trying to help :D