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Reviews for "Beast's Fury Chibi"

cute, multi-player, and furry. I love it :)

Evil-Dog responds:

haha thanks :D

it is essentially rock paper scissors the video game. fun for a few rounds before it gets old. the good news is after a little break it gets fun again, unlike most games where you beat it and then get tiered of it and never play again. add a few more characters, a computer player option, and maybe a special move and it could really turn into something special.

Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah I'm working on bots for when there's no human players

To be honest, the thing that makes me decide to play it is the fact that the game have chibi art style.
Turn out it was decent enough, well.... good enough for a teaser or beta version.

I don't mind the waiting, it worth the wait. The fighting concept which is unlike what I expected, was more simple and fun. It get boring soon enough, but I can come by every time I want.

A lite simple game, but was too plain too soon, since its just like playing rock-paper-scissor.
Nice teaser though, looking forward for the real game!

Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah it gets boring, for the lack of online opponents, I'll be adding bots in the coming days and we also have plans to expand the game, adding blocking and a fury gauge for a fury move, longer fights, more characters, it will still be rock paper scissors but with a few additions and twists, should be fun if we get there :D Might be Beast's Fury Chibi 2 actually to make sure it's a good launch and not an update buried in time.

Well to be honest it REALLY could use a single player mode for those who can't find an opponent within 5 or so minutes aside from that it seems simple but okay enough to me

Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah that'S exactly what's coming since the hype has gone down and few people are playing now.

Really not that great, IMHO it should had more characters and maybe a campaign mode because finding online people is tedious and made me quit several times. Animation is great and the game runs smoothly

Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah it was just a quickie game to bring more people to our kickstarter
Right now the problem is that it's been played and the hype is back down so pretty much no one is playing, I'll be adding bots in the coming days