Reviews for "FaceChase"


This a good game, but maybe it just me but the last medal will not work for me which is sad. Cause in Forever Chase I have close to 6000ft and the that medal will appear and I am not what I am doing work :(

This is a fun game. The upgrades were interesting.
The medals work, and I earned them all.

wow love this game.

The only complaints I have about it are the length of the platforms. If you buy the increased jump, it feels like you're kind of screwing yourself over since you can't control where you'll fall too well, especially if you're high in the air and can't see the ground (unless the game was purposely designed for you to not be able to run from Chasey forever). The other is how the items that can trip you up in the game blend in too well with the background. The only real way to avoid all of those items that you can't see coming is to constantly jump which brings it back to the 1st complaint.

Still, pretty fun game