Reviews for "FaceChase"


There's a bug in the medals. I just got 2098 feet and just popped up on the screen is that I got the "good guy facey" medal, and that says that you get it by getting caught within 100 meters. I'm also suspicious it was unintentional that you can't keep your units straight, because it says meters in the medals list but it always gives me the distance I go in feet. So I'm going to assume I'm not supposed to convert feet to meters. That was in the lava level. Maybe it ignores the thousands digit, or if it's an error in binary, the bits more significant than 1024? Because I've never been caught in the first 100 feet and the medal just came up then. Or rather maybe I was caught in the first 100 meters but not the first 100 feet, right at the beginning on run 1 or 2, but it didn't give me the medal then. So it's fubar.

Geez, obnoxious music to go with his obnoxious square yellow stupid meatwad face. Not a fan of the super angry but right color to be meatwad square either. But I can kind of see what it's mad about, if not why it would want to chase the meatwad looking thing, and it deserves better than to be chased by 5 of those horrible little things. But why isn't it faster than them? It was faster than the yellow meatwad looking one, it ought to be able to outrun the others. Oh well. At least it was a short game. Just like a meal at dennys. The food is bad, but at least the portions are small. Hey, I should go say that about them in yelp, that sounds like fun. But seriously, horrible music.

By the way, I'm not sure the danger close medal is possible. If you're close (and it shouldn't say "to chasey" because you may well BE chasey if you've won the game - that and the "close call" medals), then the microwave doesn't hit it, it's tossed right over the pursuer.

If you've seen the ending, Sequel called SpaceChase?

Love it!

This game took 30 minutes or so out of my life... and i couldn't be happier about it. It had a nice animation and graphics to along the animation. It also had some fun upgrades and badges that are not too hard to do (Not a bad thing, actually a good thing as it makes players want to complete it more). It was an overall experience. I also must say you nailed forever mode. I say this because you made it make sense. Most developers would make facey the character in forever mode, which wouldn't make sense as he already escaped. But by making chasey the runner and giving him a reason to run, forever mode seemed like a different playthrough altogether. Good job and i most say it is one of my favorite platforming game.

AmazingAdam4 responds:

Thanks for your generous feedback. :)