Reviews for "Solarmax 2"

Cool game but I'll take half star because of the last level. The black dudes are the problem. Instead of a good "up" in the difficulty thats a big jump. The other levels are kinda tough in hard but nothing like that. I would even considerate it as frustrating.

One thing is a hard game and other is a frustrating game.

I loved the first one, gonna play the hell out of this! hehe

brilliant game, best rts i've played in a while

Great game...
I just found a bug that maybe isn't a bug. In level 23, I deployed my shinny warriors to the same planet as the AI. The end result was that all the warriors were killed on my and the enemies part, so we ended up with a population 0:0 score and nothing happened... Maybe add a tie to the game

Amazing Game, Really liked it, those black things were really hard but they aren't impossible, you just have to use first speed and third, and in the last level go straight to the core and capture the ships (not the small ones, the big ones) becouse that gives you 100+ people, and once you have 400, move all the 400 to the portal, and go straight to the core.