Reviews for "Solarmax 2"

I love it thus far. But can you split your starships like the AI does? I haven't figured out how if you can.

A very well programmed game ! Aesthetically beautiful, immersive BGM (smooth whilst easy, tense whilst 'ZOMGTHAHELLBLACKSWARM!?', haha), impressive AI pattern, and like any war, 'there are no rules', haha. Even though the game concept is not the first of its kind, the way it was presented is the real differential 'catch' of achieving such success ! Keep up the good work ! ^^

ps.: to all of you whining about lvl 36, it's not about 'zoning ctrl', it's about rushing. haha. Cheers

It's very well polished. However it is incredibly similar to many other games, and it doesn't really offer anything new.

I do like this game. There are however a few flaws in my opinion.

Being able to select multiple planets to send from all at ones. This doesn't really count as a flaw but it could be a good improvement.

The game never actually explains that the percentage slider has to do with how many troops you send, It took me some time to figure this out and from a quick look in the reviews I noticed there are others who don't know this.

The other problem I have with this function is that having to go to the slider with your mouse to change the percentage while you're in a pinch can be fatal. setting it up so you could do this with your mouse wheel (or something similar) would be a great improvement.

Apart from this, I do really like this game.
I hope my spelling/grammar was readable.

I really like this game a lot. its quite difficult, but in a way that makes me want to try harder. one thing that I would change though is I would like a way to send only half the ships on my planet to another by like holding shift or something. over all though I think that this is a great game!