Reviews for "Solarmax 2"

Wish it had medals to track my progress through the game. My friend doesn't believe me that I beat it all on Hard mode.....

the art work was amazing the little dots moving from place to place was so fluid and I really like the music I kept playing and beat the game just because the music was so good I probably would have rage quit if I hadn't been listening to such great music good luck at steam

Great design and game-play !
Any future development for multiplayer ?

Yeah, it's pretty, but gameplay eventually devolves into "learn what the computer does and do it just a little bit faster." That's really all there is to beating this game.

Without a doubt the best game of this genre, excellently crafted and simply beautiful with perfect gameplay.

This is the first game of this kind that I want to buy, even the first INDIE GAME I'm willing to buy.

I'm totally itching for more, bravo.