Reviews for "Solarmax 2"

simply one of the best of its kind

One of the most beautiful games on Newgrounds.Simple,but well done.Not a bad learning curve either.

DUDE!! This game is freakin' epic!! The idea is brilliant, maybe not the first but I like the planets and population one since I'm into astrophysics. Moreover the mechanism and smoothness of the game is pretty astonishing if you ask me. Keep up the great job!

This game is close to perfect, and assuming the greenlight page for this on steam manages to get through, I will probably buy it even after playing it on here. However, there are a few small, but frustrating things that keep coming back to annoy me. Before that, though, the appearance is beautiful. This game is visually stunning, and I honestly can't get enough of the feeling from playing this game. It's design, the atmousphere, all wonderful, wouldn't change a second of it.

However, the GUI has some issues. Not being able to select the game speed before the game starts has me rushing to click it then rushing back to start deploying units. This could be something set to a keyboard shortcut, and even set in the pre-game menu when you select a level. Another issue is the slider for selecting units. It doesn't matter a huge amount for the gameplay, as you can still beat it without this option, but it would be nice to have percentages set to keyboard shortcuts. 10% set to 1, 20% to 2 etc, rather than having to make a rough guess with the slider, or waste valuable milliseconds getting it perfect. These really are nitpicking complaints, as the game is still great to play, and I keep finding myself coming back to it again and again. Something that might be worth adding to the greenlight version of the game is a level editor, and the ability to play other peoples maps. It's strange and selfish to say given the number, but it feels like 36 levels just isn't enough. I want to keep playing more and more of this game, and if others feel the same, giving them a way to satisfy might be worth looking into.
To round up, brilliant game, amazing replayability, slightly marred by a few niggling issues, but beyond that it's nothing short of stunning and utterly addictive.

You can't say you've beaten the game until you've beaten it on hard... I just did...

Black Aliens are only hard because they are so fast!