Reviews for "Solarmax 2"

I came in thinking this game was going to be crap. But wow was I wrong. It is a very enjoyable game. Though I feel that it needs a bit of an introduction at the least in the beginning. When I first started I was a bit unsure what was going on.

Very enjoyable.

The best game I've ever played in newgrounds great job :D
I've finished the game hard mode and it was very amusing. At first glympse I thought this game is boring but when I noticed that the AI of the enemy was so challenging, I never stopped playing! It didn't even let me sleep haha.

This game has one of the best music out here. Its so atmospheric and captivating, makes you think of a great empire during its golden age, colonizing the edges of known space. In all honesty I would be very much capable of buying the soundtrack alone.

Anyways, the game was great. Its was a great take on the click and drag strategy games, probably one of the best, the AI was decently challenging and the graphics and ships particles gave the game a very beautiful atmosphere. I also enjoyed the difficulty spike after level 32 and the feeling of otherness of the black faction.

This is hands down one of the best Strategy games I have ever played on this site, you and your team did an excellent job.

nice game i beat all on hard but level 33 wtf is with this level wrong so extream hard