Reviews for "Solarmax 2"

Although, as previously stated in this review section, this game leaves you with a "been there, done that" feeling, it does have a certain individuality to it, expressed primarily by the starship war theme shown with gorgeous graphics, and with the beautiful soundtrack, as well. It's certainly not bad, it's just too old hat for my taste.

Very nice. You are kind of forced to continually adapt your strategy. Plenty of ways to finish every level. Extremely good for this type of game.

How do you control this? (I give no stars because I have no idea what the game is like, since I have no idea how to make stuff happen)

Ok, now that i have beaten it on hard, i have to give 5 stars.
At first hard i was like "how the hell am i supposed to beat these?!" - the answer was quite simple: tuning down the speed and some luck (which also includes restarting some levels).
It was quite challenging and the percentage bar was kinda weird, but after all iportant at some times.
I really liked the way the levels itself explain how certain things work and it is kinda funny how the story is kinda "well there propably was a good reason for the 6 towers you dumbo" without any text or voiceover.

It seems there is some sort of bug with flash. Check your code.