Reviews for "Solarmax 2"

This game is really awesome and i would give it 5 stars, if it wasn´t for the last battle ,on middle difficulty, i tried evrything, i even used my brain q...q, but the black species is way to strong like on a fight 200v200 they would win and no matter how aggresive i am they got like 1k ppl.
It would have been a bit better if the Black ppl would a bit weaker or ther would be less of them.
But i LOVE dis game and its Music, btw do u have the Soundtrack for this ?.

I very much like this. It's intuitive, and a nice take on the virus game type. The addition of nice graphics and a good soundtrack make the game. However, it only gets 4 stars thanks to a game-breaking bug; occasionally on medium difficulty, the computer will not take 'damage' during a battle. For instance, on the level with 2 turrets on each side and a warp gate in the middle, we each had the three identical planets on our respective sides. We both committed everything to a battle at the warp gate, and my ships were destroyed. However, I noticed at the end that there were 91 enemy units at the gate, which should have been impossible. I quickly paused and counted and saw that I had 31/110 possible units (the ones which had spawned on the planets during the gate battle), while the computer had 110/110 units. Either there was a bug that wasn't registering damage to the enemy units/lowering the unit count or there was a bug that reset the enemy unit total to it's previous value after my units were eliminated at the gate, but that sort of bug completely breaks the game since you have to reset the level in order to win after that. The same problem occurred on a few other levels as well. Overall pretty good! You took a simple idea and executed it very well!

Brilliant game, nice design and addictive game play!

Finally finished it. xD
There seens like there's some kind og glitch, if you are beaten by that black thing after level 32 you're the game continues
Nice game

I've played games like this before, however, with that being said, it is likely the most well presented, gorgeous depiction of this type of RTS that I have ever played.

Well done. :)