Reviews for "Solarmax 2"

It's so addicting. I like this type of games. It is not exactly virus game, so it's nice. There are some new things.

Incredibly beautiful game! I know that games like this have been done before, but this one has a simplistic elegance that makes it seems new:) Really enjoyed this one. 5*

not very original. There are bugs still. It really doesn't deserve 4 stars.

it's visually very appealing makes you want to play and also very fun of this genre
with simple working mechanics,
only there should be option to select multiple bases at once

Three words: Quick Percentage Select.
I Don't how many times I need to only like 20% but sent 100 or 90% leaving my planet with defend, or worse sent everyone to protect one planet leaving no one to continue capturing the plant I was on. Please made it where the numbers changes it to the respective ten spots and this game would be perfect.