Reviews for "Nitromare"

Sorry bro, but the graphics and controls makes the game not too good.

Bad. No story (What does the game even have to do with dreams?). Shooting diagonal is almost impossible. enemies become un-shootable after they get close enough. One of the most unforgiving games ever, as you die in ONE hit when there are always swarms of black boxes trying to kill you all the time. The gun isn't automatic so you're stuck with jamming on the arrow keys to the point that you need to take a break because your fingers hurt so bad. And, most important, ITS NOT FUN. I don't think repeatedly shooting the same kind of enemy over and over, ensuring carpel tunnel, only to find out, bluntly, that you have to start the whole section over, inducing rage, is your kind of fun. The only reason I didn't give this less is because the music is actually pretty good.

I prefer A kitty Dream.

Good: Pixels, Music
Bad: Semi-auto gun
Unfair enemy spawn system (They mostly appear away from you but they can spawn RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU)
Demon, A second to kill the monsters and get In the right square so the lasers couldn't get you.
Diagonal shooting? That's a shitty idea.
Enemies won't die when in front of you. (GODDAMN I THINK 5 DAYS WAS ENOUGH TO MAKE A GOOD SHOOTING PROGRAM)
Slow movement, no chance to change the controls (ADD MOUSE-KEYBOARD CONTROLS DAMN IT)
The Whole game is LUCK-BASED. You're not playing a game that requires fast button pressing, moving strategy or great reactions, you're playing a game that spawns enemies randomly, demon's lasers are even more randomised. (FOR SOME REASON YOU MADE LASERS SPAWN ALMOST IN EVERY PIXEL OF THE SCREEN SOMETIMES EVEN USING BOTH VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL LASERS BUT YOU MADE SLOW CONTROLS AND AWFUL SHOOTING)

Borderline impossible, the player character moves wayyyy too slow.