Reviews for "Nitromare"

Hard Just kidding it is easy good game man! keep up the good work

Fun! Short and simple (but not easy - but not impossible hard). Not sure why this didn't rate better. Not sure what it has to do with dreams - unless you've been just watching the Matrix... I hate it when Mr Smith tries to overwrite me. Dream 7 was the weak link (wtf? wasn't fun, didn't make any sense - how did I end up in someone's mouth?? Also not possible to dodge gunfire - if the tooth above you pulls a gun, can't be dodged - just have to get lucky I guess).

what happened whit the good games?? like cyber hell 3 2 and 4?????????????????

This game was very VERY hard to beat but thankfully i was able to beat it. I beat the demon boss but i didn't get the medal so could you please fix that. I spent over 2 hours trying to beat him and all i ask for is that last medal to prove that i was able to beat it. I really enjoyed the game but please fix what ever problem im having so the last medal an be unlocked.

Game's challenging. REALLY challenging.
Homever,it is far from perfect:
1. Character feels too slow,
2. Bullets appear at the edge of the pistol (which means that if someone is too close you can't shoot them and you're dead)
3. Mashing the holy fuck out of the arrow keys. I understand you are holding a pistol but my fucking fingers need mercy.