Reviews for "Nitromare"

Fun! Short and simple (but not easy - but not impossible hard). Not sure why this didn't rate better. Not sure what it has to do with dreams - unless you've been just watching the Matrix... I hate it when Mr Smith tries to overwrite me. Dream 7 was the weak link (wtf? wasn't fun, didn't make any sense - how did I end up in someone's mouth?? Also not possible to dodge gunfire - if the tooth above you pulls a gun, can't be dodged - just have to get lucky I guess).

Bad. No story (What does the game even have to do with dreams?). Shooting diagonal is almost impossible. enemies become un-shootable after they get close enough. One of the most unforgiving games ever, as you die in ONE hit when there are always swarms of black boxes trying to kill you all the time. The gun isn't automatic so you're stuck with jamming on the arrow keys to the point that you need to take a break because your fingers hurt so bad. And, most important, ITS NOT FUN. I don't think repeatedly shooting the same kind of enemy over and over, ensuring carpel tunnel, only to find out, bluntly, that you have to start the whole section over, inducing rage, is your kind of fun. The only reason I didn't give this less is because the music is actually pretty good.

Sorry bro, but the graphics and controls makes the game not too good.

~ Every second of this game

Shooting diagonally is hard as fuck with arrow keys, should have followed the mouse as hitting both keys at the same time is nearly impossible. i could not make it pass part three due to this shit.
The style is fine. the moving is fine. the ideas are fine. it's the shooting that is the problem.

not really worth any more stars than 2.5

damned game!
spiders are always creeping me, i got half hour, and i got myself stuck in the spider level T_T
music sounds nice, but it will SURELY bore you with the time.
And Its too hard to play...

there may be a semi-automatic weapon, use a single little revolver gun has a machine gun got my hands kinda tired.