Reviews for "Nitromare"

Music if fine but can get annoying.
The difficulty jump is HUGE. Stage 1 and 2 were simple. Stage 3 I can't pass yet because the fly(?) takes a lot of hits. Sorry but I don't like it.

Good: Pixels, Music
Bad: Semi-auto gun
Unfair enemy spawn system (They mostly appear away from you but they can spawn RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU)
Demon, A second to kill the monsters and get In the right square so the lasers couldn't get you.
Diagonal shooting? That's a shitty idea.
Enemies won't die when in front of you. (GODDAMN I THINK 5 DAYS WAS ENOUGH TO MAKE A GOOD SHOOTING PROGRAM)
Slow movement, no chance to change the controls (ADD MOUSE-KEYBOARD CONTROLS DAMN IT)
The Whole game is LUCK-BASED. You're not playing a game that requires fast button pressing, moving strategy or great reactions, you're playing a game that spawns enemies randomly, demon's lasers are even more randomised. (FOR SOME REASON YOU MADE LASERS SPAWN ALMOST IN EVERY PIXEL OF THE SCREEN SOMETIMES EVEN USING BOTH VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL LASERS BUT YOU MADE SLOW CONTROLS AND AWFUL SHOOTING)

I will give this a score of 2.5 because of the music , rest is ok , but nerf the spider boss D: BUT THE MUSIC IS AWESOME

Omg how much times do you have to shoot the boss on level 3? O_O

not bad for being made in five days, but I prefer wasd to fire the gun and arrow keys to move