Reviews for "Retro Unicorn Attack"

Fun game, and everyone saying its a bad game because it changes nothing, well, what did you expect? It's Robot Unicorn attack in 8-bit and it's awesome ;)

I'm going to go play the superior original.

a bad clone of a good game.

and no. admitting it's a retro version does not excuse you from the fact that it's a ripoff with zero improvements.

dear all of you game developers... i hate, that i need to write this, but please take a look at german keyboards and tell me, that its much fun to play... Z and Y are swapped... most developers are so smart to imbue the Y key... you didnt semm that smart...

next time pls do it for the poor people in austria and germany...
(not for me, cause I'm a whiny jerk ;) )

All these philistines clamoring for "8-bit" music. Never forget the SID chip.

For some reason this game was less addictive than the original. Maybe I'm just unicorn-saturated? I do like the bonus-area thing with the rifts, though. Maybe that somehow contributes to the lack of addictiveness? It also seems like I can't see as far ahead as I'm used to. Maybe that's a thing!

Pretty enjoyable anyway.