Reviews for "Retro Unicorn Attack"

It is a very pleasant, dynamic game with awesome remixed soundtrack in best traditions of oldschool game consoles. I would give this game five stars, but it lacks of fullscreen mod.

So, dear authors, upgrade this game to fullscreen mode, please :)

Well, it certainly didn't improve on the original... But that's missing the point. It is a retro version. What did you expect? A Grand Unicorn Attack V?

I found the different parts of the game enjoyable, and I think I progressed enough. It is a really awesome and great game and well developed.

Maybe it didn't improve anything, but God, it is still good <3

This is the best version yet.

The original game was made using 4 formulas , synth pop , transformers , 80's MLP , and meth , this one uses 1 extra formula , pixels , and I love it 4.5 since it feels a little erie and lonely at times but overall great game.

No unicorns were harmed in the making of this game, but after hand...
Different story. #Addictive!