Reviews for "Retro Unicorn Attack"

kill me

I remember the original being the hit of my Creative Writing class during my senior year of high school, then playing it on my iPad late into the night for a long time after I graduated. And now, your quality pixel recreation has brought me back, complete with an 8-bit version of "Always" by Erasure, the original of which is still on my iTunes.

It just goes to show- you can't keep a good game down. Well done.

Even better than mlp!

ha ha ha.. my little pony..

I loved the game when adultswim first made it and you have successfully recreated it... with pixels. lol. I do have one issue, I don't know if any one else has mentioned this or not but when the unicorn is running its horn looks like its kinda flopping around, I only notice this at the beginning and as the unicorn speeds up it seems to go away, its just a problem with the pixel placement I can tell. I understand that your working with 8-bit and things like this can happen but I just wanted to put this minor defect out there. Otherwise the game is perfect.