Reviews for "Facist!"

There are so many faces...
Can't wait for Rebirth and Mewgenics :3
I'd say good job with this one, then again, you always do a good job XD

At first I was like, "Sure it's cool, but not 5 Stars cool; all of these reviews must be from bunch of Star Fuckers", but then I ended up messing with this thing for who knows how long and now I'm giving it 5 Stars. I'm so curious how many faces are in here. Fun.

"Mom" and "Cow" are the same by the way.

Glad to see you're still making stuff for Newgrounds!

P.S. Your videos and blogs on game design are absolutely great! They have been very helpful for my most recent games.

There's like an infinite amount of creatures. How did you manage to draw them all within just 12 hours?

hey edmund WHY DOES IT NEED TO HAVE UPSIDE DOWN STARS! i got it when i searched up Super Meat Bo