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Reviews for "Facist!"

Heeeey there's a face I haven't seen in a while .Sure it's nothing big like Isaac or Meat Boy but this is pretty fun considering all the faces jammed into one

Doomroar as it is looks fucking awesome, then i press enter and i become damn sexy.
However doomroar looks quite normal either way, maybe a little bit nerdy, i am satisfied overall.
Always great to get a game from you, now i will go and continue to die die die.

Interesting faces (how many are there?) nothing more nothing less.

Wow, I put in the name "Dumface" and it totally pegged me based on it on the first try! That may not be much of an impressive feat though, it could just show a dumb looking face no matter what I type. But "Evilface" certainly matches too. "Zortharg" isn't too bad. Wow, either I've just gotten lucky here or it's some kind of impressive AI here to seed a face from text. I think I just got lucky. But if I gave the "fate machine" full 5 stars, despite later deciding it wasn't worthy of it, I ought to give this at least 4.5.

I love your "Aether" by the way.