Reviews for "Facist!"

good little game. pretty fun, and creative...
nice (and sometimes disturbing) faces!

pretty cool.

i think this is surprisingly entertaining for what it does, what an awesome idea :ยง
glad to see that u posted something to newgrounds again

Fantastic! I wish the names could be longer (like the font gets smaller or it goes to 2 lines), but besides that, I love it!

Looks like an ideal engine for that gory 'Shave 60 people in 60 seconds' game concept I've been playing around with :-)

At first I was like, "Sure it's cool, but not 5 Stars cool; all of these reviews must be from bunch of Star Fuckers", but then I ended up messing with this thing for who knows how long and now I'm giving it 5 Stars. I'm so curious how many faces are in here. Fun.

"Mom" and "Cow" are the same by the way.