Reviews for "Hipster Kickball"

I like the game, it's great. The only problem is that yes it needs to be sped up, and there is a bug in which when a battle is finished, someone's body is cut in half.

Pixel art is great. But I'd rather play Tecmo's dodgeball on NES. Superthrows were the best. Kickball is just slow.

Its a good game


I like the aesthetic, but really, the game just ain't all that fun.

You really need to make everything just an inch faster, there's too much 'downtime' where the ball is just really slow, passing back, etc.

Also, the AI seems to field really well, to the point that just kicking the ball across the floor is the easiest way to get someone there. For the most part, even at full charge, kicks just didn't go anywhere.

I like the effort, but it's just not all that fun.

Nice game, I always imagined sport games with character profiles like that, but I don't really like kick ball, and I don't like hipsters at all