Reviews for "Nether Runner"

4 stars for the artwork, programming, music...etc alone, minus half a star for unoriginal concept, and one star for being almost unplayable with the puny range.

so i have auto fire on hits the eye no chance
also whats with the noise of the lasers

Groovy.....A nice time killer.

Had a blast with this. Definitely miss the first release (1.0) - it felt harder - definitely noticed the longer time for Boss Combo (plenty of time to kill off hostiles, look at combo, look at keyboard, press, release!) - but did appreciate the ability to hold to fire with any Weaponomicon. For whatever reason, playing through a second time was a breeze (only one medal registered the first time - connection related trouble).

Endless mode was a little too easy (considering 10000m is the "goal") - I kept getting a heart between every boss - you might want to go heart after boss 1,2,3,5,8,13,etc (eventually gets really really hard - but a least 10000 m is still possible, but a bit more of a challenge). It's not really that exciting to want to play beyond this - more of the same (just faster) and nothing to spend gold on - once you unlock endless mode, you need to unlock a wardrobe / scenery shop to give you something useless to spend gold on (and a least give endless mode a bit more re-playability).

One possible change/improvement: would be nice if it were random who opens the book (and hence who gets grabbed and who gets to shoot things into submission). Just saying.

Another runner-bullet hell game. Truth is that humanity evolves by reinvinting what is already invented, but runner games and android fever has transformed the meaning of "reinventing" into "redesigning". What are the objectives values that make a game good or bad? I would say story, mechanic and entertainment. The lack of any of those values needs to be balanced by the other ones. A game with no story should have interesting or original mechanics, or be very entertaining so that the average between all the reviews is "good".

But with this game I feel like if you force me to be entertained by becoming addicted to the game. From my point of view, you haven't innovated in the mechanic, and the game has a poor story. I think the only fact why it is so high-rated it's because people never get bored of these games. But of course, this is only a quick review by someone bored by this type of games. I'm rating two and a half stars because of the design, that I personally like very much, and the music, that I also enjoyed.

As a conclusion, I would like to point out that my opinion is influenced by the belief that there's no need of creating more content of a genre that has nothing more to add to the antology of flash games. I'm sorry, but I am no longer enjoyed by this kind of games unless they have very new and exciting stuff, and I don't see this game having them.