Reviews for "Nether Runner"

An enjoyable game.

Ups: Interesting in-game mechanics and features, well suited sound tracks and effects, a catchy art style, well organised upgrade store, endless mode gives an additional branch to the game, and the game runs smoothly.

Downs: Hard to distinguish between powerups and damage projectiles in stage 2 and 3.

Overall, Nether Runner is a great game to play and a good stress reliever.

Molto carino :)

Pretty fun.
+I like the assortment of items in the unholy shop,

+I like the bosses (except for an issue with the last's presentation, more on that later)

+the powerups to stats and book did make noticeable improvements.

+Good sound! And like the drawn art style.

-I didn't like the idea of the shield on the last boss. What is this, Ghosts N Goblins in 1985? At least the game is not that long, but its obvious padding at this point is a dumb relic of yesteryear.

-Also wished the female protagonist was more than just a captured damsel. She could be fighting the monsters, giving you powerups. Hell, her help could be a factor in the LUCK skill. Wasted opportunity.

-A lot of flying enemies. Too many compared to the sparse ground group. It made getting the missions for walking x distance on the ground only applicable to the first stage. And made the ground part feel too safe.

This game is a cool little side scrolling rail shooter with an Evil dead meets H.P Lovecraft cartoon theme.

The Good: The art direction, theme and style are all great. The sound track and effects are great too. There's lots of action and the characters are both well animated and designed

The Bad: This unfortunately lends itself to way too much cluttering on the screen with enemies and enemy projectiles jostling for space with power ups and bit coins (which can be hard to spot amid the chaos) on top of a timed combo sequence to finish a given boss is a tall order if not prepared.

Overall: Worthy of being a decent grind for upgrades, though if there ever was a game that needs checkpoints it's this one.

This is cool