Reviews for "Nether Runner"

the game is grate man keep up the work.

I really enjoyed this. There's a problem with the thundernomicon causing certain enemies to become invincible though.

love the theme and the game,
its a hard game and thats good,
no checkpoints its also really good for this game, works good,
but, the game got soo many projectiles on the screen, that got frustrating
but I realy like it! good job

Really good! I love the choice of the Lovecraftian story, and the game play is good, although I found it a little to difficult for me, but I'm not much of runners gamer. Also, the "run/fly for X meters" missions were quite annoying.

I really like this game. I especially like the fact that you decided to use the works of H.P. Lovecraft as the basis for the game. H.P. Lovecraft is–and probably always will be–one of my all-time favorite authors. However, there are a few things about the game that I really don't like and that is the reason for the low score and I will go into them now:

The first problem that I have with the game is this: Were you trying to make this game so infuriatingly hard that you have to upgrade every single stat that you had, unlock every single spell and every single Weaponomicon as well as every single helping monster in the game before you were able to get past just a few hundred meters? Now I will say that I've managed to defeat the giant fish near the middle of the first level…but I had to upgrade every stat that I had almost to the maximum to do it.

I don't mind a challenge, after all who wants to play a game that is so easy to beat that you can complete it with your eyes closed? However…what I do mind is games that make it so frustratingly hard to get past the beginning stages of the game and make you play the same level–from the very beginning I might add–over, and over, and over, and over again just to power yourself up enough to get past it.

Secondly, why is it that the mana and a fuel orbs that you get from monsters when you defeat them automatically find their way to you however, the items that you REALLY NEED the coins, moneybags, Weaponomicons and hearts just float in the air, sometimes completely obscured by enemies and you have no way of getting to them without either taking a hit or they just completely pass you by because you just can't get to them; I thought that by upgrading my Speed attribute I would move faster, thus making it easier to get the aforementioned items, why is it that when I fly, thanks to that little monster on my head, I fly just as slow when the Speed stat is fully upgraded as I did in the beginning?

Thirdly, I don't particularly like bullet hell games. Shortly after defeating the giant fish I noticed that every single enemy on the screen–and most of them were in the air–filled the screen with so many projectiles that I had no idea what projectiles would hurt me and what projectiles were there to help me. I cannot count the number of times I took a hit or died simply because I had no idea what was coming at me and I was hit by something I couldn't even see.

This game does have potential though. I would make it so that EVERY item in the game the mana, fuel, coins, and so on are automatically drawn to you–even if you have to put in something like a magical field that draws items to you and make it an upgradable stat like everything else–that would be fine by me.

Also I would greatly cut down on the amount of enemies that can shoot projectiles at you. Because like I said nothing is more frustrating/infuriating like getting fairly far in a game and then getting hit again, again, again, and again by things you can't even see. Also, this brings up another point I'd like to address: PUT IN CHECKPOINTS!!! I'm not sure if you are old enough to remember a videogame system called the Nintendo Entertainment System, or the NES as many call it.

There were many, many, MANY games on the NES that were extremely difficult, and extremely unforgiving when it came to how much life you had and how many hits you could take in relation to that (many times one or two hits was the maximum allowed before you died.) And one of the things that pissed me and my friends off more than anything was that after you died you had to start the game from the VERY BEGINNING. Nothing raises a gamer's blood pressure and rage more then getting almost to the end of the game, dying and having to do everything all over again. So like I said, and I cannot stress this enough: PUT IN CHECKPOINTS!!! At least that way if we die we can start near where we last died and would make completing the game a little bit easier and a bit more obtainable.

In closing, this is a very good game. It has good graphics, good music, very unique enemies, and I enjoy the upgrade system (though the prices of some upgrades are a little ridiculous.) But with a few tweaks here and there this game could go from just a "good" game to a "great!" game.