Reviews for "Nether Runner"

YES!!! NEVER in my entire life have I worked harder on a game than this one. It took me two and a half hours to beat this stupid thing and I've finally done it! I was just amazed at how hard the first boss was. You really did have to predict every single move he could make. I couldn't even touch the final one, not that I really even care. The graphics were fantastic and I loved the wide variety of enemies.

I just HAD to get a medal in this. I've written more game reviews than anyone online! I just have to say I love this because of how hooked I got to it. I imagine beating the final boss unlocks the other modes. I had no idea what kind of crazy thing would show up next! I had a hell of a time playing this and I got my medal!

Morbidware responds:

Hi, thank you so much and congratulations on killing Yog!

Very entertaining and addictive, but I HAVE to mention some things.
The art is very neat and all, everything looks really nice, but you gotta put a bit more contrast between the objects. Through all the shitstorm happening killing all those monsters, you can't tell what's an enemy projectile, money or mana, or just an enemy. It's just something I felt was really holding the experience back for me. But otherwise I love it. These upgrading games hook me so quick.

Morbidware responds:

Hi, thank you for your feedback! We are working on v1.2 to fix all the visual madness distracting players from bullets and stuff. Thanks once again for sharing your thoughts!

You could say it's just another endless runner but this one is very addicting. Amazing job on dreamer design and his background. Really loved it!

A great Game

It's always good to see more Cthulhuesque games; I liked the graphics and the gameplay was all right. However, it suffers from the same problem a lot of these games have, which is the inclusion of a "luck" stat. Obviously the most efficient thing to do is increase that stat as high as it can go FIRST, so that you get money as fast as possible. Unfortunately, that means you can't get any other upgrades; you have to grind the first level or two with your weak starting character until you get all the gold. It makes the game really boring.