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Reviews for "Nether Runner"

The game suffers some balance flaws.
-The spellbooks are all relatively useless except for the first and the last one (Wich is also hilarious) I ended up avoiding the taromicon and the thunderomicon the whole game since they slow down the pace of the Gameplay a lot.
-The action is kind of messy, with all this stuff going on around the character we have trouble to see what is a bonus and what is a projectile.
-The fuel upgrade is relatively useless as if the player spams the screen hard enough he can hover in the air quite indefinitely without having to refill whatsoever
-The fact that you cant choose what kind of dude you want to buy first is infuriating and it feels forced, since they cant be desactivated, I ended up running mostly into fuel dudes who were no help at all.
-The spells are all relatively useless except for the sawblades and the Miskatonic, the later for obvious raison, the sawblades because with a maxed out rate of fire it is easy to just spam everything before it even enters the screen, and since this spell is relatively cheap It can be spammed easily and wipe out most of the foes before they even become a threat;
-The sawblade utility is also enhanced by a game breaking bug I found out, if you stand just in the center of the screen during the transition to a boss fight while this spell is on the boss will appear during the opening scene and die on the saw before the fights even begins. wich is useless against the final boss but allow the player to tear through the 2 previous boss without suffering damage.
-Having to unlock all the missions to finish the game is infuriating. True the missions are easy enough but it feels like the game is robbing the player of his victory when he get this far for the first time.

Apart from that the game is fun but as I said it's too bad that only 2 upgrades where truly interesting in kind of each section (Heart dude/Money dude - Sawblades/Miskatonic - Firemicon/Tentamicon) and the rest of the poorer updates are mandatory.

Fun game. A couple of my criticisms of the game have been brought up already (not enough contrast between helpful items and harmful projectiles; no "magnet" power-up to make getting coins/hearts easier).

Some additional things:
1. The regular fire and fire-nomicon were automatic but the other -nomicons required me to constantly click; I didn't really notice a large difference in effectiveness and I wound up wanting to be able to turn off the other weapon-nomicons (other than fire). In my opinion, they all should be automatic unless there is a balance issue (and if you have some automatic and some not, allow them to be able to be turned off).

2. The boss battle QTEs - okay, not my favorite, but I think it was poor design that kept sending minion enemies (and allowed you to keep getting hit by them) during those QTEs. Even if you were going for a more hectic challenge in allowing that, pressing space during those QTEs should have at least induced 'bullet-time'. Dying during those sequences by minions (which I couldn't focus on because of the time limit for the QTE which, if not executed, would fully heal the boss) was frustrating more than challenging.

3. Very minor - losing the weapon-nomicon effects during boss battles even though I got it less than a second before initiating the battle.

4. Spells - interesting spells with some diversity but I'm not sure if I'd ever choose any of them other than the health spell (other than for a lark). To me they were just 'there'. Maybe add the ability to upgrade spells to make the offensive ones give a little more umph.

5. Somewhat minor - but why did the stats for how long you ran stop at 10,000 meter in the endless run? Part of re-playability is being able to beat your previous scores (one of which is distance).

6. Minor or major - I don't know if it's just me but with all of the things I was paying attention to, I couldn't see my health unless I purposely glanced at it (in contrast to the fuel which was much easier to see from the corner of my eyes). My suggestion would have been to make a health bar next to the fuel bar (the red would be contrast enough to distinguish them) - but it could just be my old eyes. Additionally, I would have liked a running tally of number for critters killed during a run to be right under the miles traveled in the upper right.

7. Achievements - not a big complaint (several games that use this type of achievement system have really ruffled my feathers) but, especially in the early game, some of the easier achievements came after some of the more difficult achievements - having the easier ones come first (and thus help you make money sooner) help with the flow of the game (player doesn't feel stuck). I don't think it was bad at all - just could have been better.

8. Endless mode was "super easy" compared to story mode - partly because I had the life spell - but also because there were no bosses. Maybe add a boss rush mode if you don't want to add them every X number of meters?

Super fun. I love the art, music, gameplay... and just how addictive it is.

Morbidware responds:

Hey, thanks a lot!

reminds me "Juicy Beast "

theres a baby cthulu