Reviews for "Planet Dash"

Where is game on Newgrounds with storyline
I want game like Abobo big adventure or over 8-bit game
game like vortex point is cool but I want more nostalgic game

its been a while i played a game like this. simply awesome :D

Very nice game and thanks a lot for crediting me!! :)

Really really cool the desing and medals got me into

Level 8 combined with the lack of level select made me almost rage quit this twice. It's not that difficult but the lack of a level select, quick restart after death and frustration build up which leads to dumb mistakes made me lose some of the fun. On level 8 itself -- I didn't quite get the set-up. Reaching the purple flag was the hard part, after that I didn't die a single time and I was surprised how fast the level ended after that. Quite unbalanced. Also, it's a shame there are only 8 levels -- but, with more levels, a level select should be mandatory :p