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Reviews for "Combiner"

Somewhat interesting puzzle, but in some levels it is possible to collect colors even after the path to the door is clear. Approaching the door while having a color does not allow the door to open, but rather than being blocked the player character passes through the door, allowing one to travel outside of the level. Levels quickly start relying on clutter in place of cleverly arranging a minimum of elements.

The game mechanics were well done and simple. However, the level design is terrible! It seems like you focused more on mundane back tracking and lengthy mindless paths rather than something that requires logic or problem solving. Sorry, the level design killed it for me.

Feels like Im playing Atari with a keyboard :( Sorry I just did not find this fun or entertaining in any way.

As per usual, color shade choices make this game incredibly frustrating if not impossible for those with varying forms of color blindness. It's really not that hard to choose different shades of colors or implement some sort of symbol system in conjunction with the existing color system. Not everyone sees the world the way you do.