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Reviews for "Combiner"

Firstly,it's important to point out how sweet the soundtrack is. Also,I love how you don't have some stupid tutorial on how to do it,instead you use the beggining levels to "explain" how it works without any written instructions. It seems most game developers seem to think their consumers are idiots and can't figure out that the right arrow makes your character go left. Additionally,the gameplay is quite entertaining. Sometimes you think it's going to be an easy puzzle it's a little more challanging than that. Only,I'd say the graphics could have been a bit better. I understand the gameplay wouldn't be affected much with great graphics,but it would've been nice to have something somewhat more interesting,idk. Maybe I'm just saying jibberish. Anyway,awesome game.

Nice Idea, but not that challenging and i dunno...anything is not there to give you 5/5...

It would be nice if you could have the sound effects without the music. I'm not really into easy listening. It kind of grates on me after a while. Otherwise, enjoyable puzzle game, though the graphics could be nicer or easier on the eye.

Very nice puzzle game, kinda got boring after a while but still gets 4 starts.

Nice game but does get a little boring after a while. Perhaps you could consider including a scoring system as I have come across solutions without using all of the colored tiles that could have been used. This would encourage a little bit more interest in the came.