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Reviews for "Combiner"

Excellent puzzle game. Beautiful graphics and a nicely executed concept. Level design ultimately makes or breaks a game like this, and some of the levels are really quite nice and challenging. The whole game (40 levels as of this review) took me a few hours. A few of the difficult levels are actually pretty easy, but once you have a nice looking and nice working game like this, you can spend more time on developing new and better levels. Half a star off for the inability to immediately mute (or save mute preferences), a lack of originality, and the minor level design issues discussed above. All around a great game though.

Pretty good game!
Hint for those of you having problems with mixing colors, primary colors will only mix with primaries. Red, blue, and yellow. Those that arent primaries wont mix at all. Green, orange, purple.

Red and blue = purple
Red and yellow = orange
Yellow and blue = green

I got to level 15 of stage 1,and i suppose i could have atleast finished the first stage...but it's like 11:40 right now and i have the problem solving skills of a rock, great game though i did think it was really creative!

you know what fuck it FUCK IT im done...it's really good btw.

its a really great mind exercising game, its just... you get so excited when you complete one, and then the next map loads... and you're like... FML, you should add some rewards, or have it unlock cool things, and use... psychology and stuff :3