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Reviews for "Combiner"

I've beaten so many puzzle games on this site, but stage 16 got me to quit, I applaud you.

The music is really good for this type of game. I caught myself bobbing my head throughout solving puzzles. The graphic quality and game sounds aren't bad, but left me wanting more. Overall, I think this a great game to kill time with, but with low replay value. Still enjoyed it though.

Firstly,it's important to point out how sweet the soundtrack is. Also,I love how you don't have some stupid tutorial on how to do it,instead you use the beggining levels to "explain" how it works without any written instructions. It seems most game developers seem to think their consumers are idiots and can't figure out that the right arrow makes your character go left. Additionally,the gameplay is quite entertaining. Sometimes you think it's going to be an easy puzzle it's a little more challanging than that. Only,I'd say the graphics could have been a bit better. I understand the gameplay wouldn't be affected much with great graphics,but it would've been nice to have something somewhat more interesting,idk. Maybe I'm just saying jibberish. Anyway,awesome game.

Somewhat interesting puzzle, but in some levels it is possible to collect colors even after the path to the door is clear. Approaching the door while having a color does not allow the door to open, but rather than being blocked the player character passes through the door, allowing one to travel outside of the level. Levels quickly start relying on clutter in place of cleverly arranging a minimum of elements.

Eh. This game wasn't exciting or exhilarating. Not even for me, when I play mostly puzzle and logic games. I like the concept, but there should be more punishment for not using all of the colors on the board. In fact, if you were really ambitious, you would make it so you could only pass through the door if all colors would be used. Gameplay-wise, it felt a tad tedious, especially when having to constantly move back-and-forth, chasing down the colors when the solutions to most of the levels were pretty obvious. I played for about half an hour and nearly completed about 70% of the playable game. I wasn't really too impressed overall. I wouldn't say that I wasted my time, however, as it was just interesting enough to make me play for a good bit of time.

I feel like if you made the movement a little more fluid, increased the difficulty a bit, and added some kind of reward for full completion of a stage (if that's even possible for all of them) and/or some kind of punishment for not full completion (I don't know, perhaps a score keeper or something of the sort?), then I feel as if the game would be a little more engaging.

Not a bad game at all, I just feel as though there was something missing. I hope my review helps.

Good job,